Parties put SSBC on spot, claim it favours SPLM

Parties put SSBC on spot, claim it favours SPLM

Some political parties called on the administration of South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) to accord them equal coverage with SPLM, arguing such is the hallmark of a democratic system.

The parties came up with the grievance after it was alleged that SSBC gave extensive coverage to the endorsement of President Salva Kiir in a rally organised by SPLM members from the Equatoria region.

According to the statement seen by The City Review, Dr.Gai Chol Paul, Chairman of the Coalition of Opposition Parties (COOP), claimed that the National Broadcaster has been isolating the other political parties and not giving them enough coverage.

Gai claimed that SSBC always covers events for SPLM, including hosting their activities while ignoring other parties and institutions in the country.

“The problem with the SSBC is that it has become an SPLM propaganda medium. It is where they spread their lies, and they have blocked other people who don’t subscribe to their lies from accessing the SSBC,” he said.

According to Gai, the journalists cannot be blamed for reporting only SPLM rallies and events, but the blame falls on the management which has failed to bring the broadcaster up as national property for all.

Also, Gabriel Kuot, the Chairman of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) shared the same sentiments saying that SSBC has given a huge percentage of its airtime to the SPLM party.

He said that SSBC as the national broadcaster has to focus on the whole of South Sudan, not only on SPLM and government offices.

“Since its inception, SSBC has been supposed to cover the parliamentary debates and the activities of other political parties, which is a crime act according to SPLM IG and its allies,” Kuot alleged.

He appealed to the SSBC management to be neutral in their coverage.

“As a media outlet, it has a responsibility to provide fair and balanced coverage of events, issues, and political parties. By maintaining its neutrality, SSBC must ensure that it does not favour any particular political party,” he said.

“South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC), or national television, should be neutral, non-partisan, and impartial to all because it is a public service institution that serves the entire nation,” he urged.

He noted that overall impartiality is crucial for the SSBC to fulfil its role as a reliable source of information for the public, regardless of their political affiliations.

However, efforts to reach the management of the South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) for comment were not successful after the Director of the National Broadcaster James Magok was unavailable on call.