Parliament to summon three governors over clashes

Parliament to summon three governors over clashes
Governor Louis Lobong Lojore addresses SSPDF soliders in Torit on Friday. [Theophilus Ochang, The City Review]

Three governors could appear before the floor of the Revitalised Transitional National Legislative Assembly (RTNLA) and shed light on the rising insecurity in their respective states.

Twenty-six lawmakers from Jonglei, Eastern and the Central Equatoria States, on Wednesday, July 20, pressed the House to summon state bosses from the aforementioned areas to come and explain some of the recent killings of civilians by the military in their respective states.

While citing selected cases in Ngangalla Boma of Lira Payam, Hon Samuel Buhori Lotti who read the motion on behalf of his colleagues, said the three governors will be summoned alongside two other ministers.

“The Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs and his Inferior counterpart, be summoned to answer questions regarding the use of SSPDF facilities and equipment, and the lack of investigation and deployment of police in the area,” read the recommendations that were unanimously adopted by the MPs.

But the governors will only be summoned after the findings by a committee yet to be formed, tables its report to the House speaker.

“[We recommend] that the August House institute a committee to investigate the attacks that took place in Ngangalla and Nimule.

The MPs also want the committee to investigate the recent killing of a chief in Nimule (on July 11, 2022).

“The killing [of the chief] should be investigated and perpetrators brought to a Court of Law.

“For the last few months, the people of Eastern and Central Equatoria had been invaded resulting in the killings, and abduction by the cattle herders.

“The number of killings related to the conflict and invasion was reported in Lokonok, Lowoi, Lokiliri, Bilinyang and Ngangalla being the latest attack,” read part of the statement seen by City Review.

On June 10, John Ladu, who was among the three men abducted at a charcoal burning site in Ngangalla, was later found dead while the other two – Victor Lodu and Peter Wani sustained injuries.

Fourteen days later, nine people lost their lives following a dawn attack at a village in Liria Payam. The incident also saw 12 houses torched and over 500 goats stolen.

Three children were taken captive.

The following day, on June 25, the MPs claimed that the three children [who were allegedly abducted in Liria] and the goats, were spotted around Mogiri in the custody of unidentified men.

Without providing any proof, the lawmakers further claimed that the attackers were secretly “armed” at Mogiri Military Garrison and later ferried in the direction of Ngangalla, using SSPDF pickups.

For that reason, the MPs now want ministers of Interior and Defence and Veteran Affairs to appear in Parliament alongside governors of the affected areas [including Jonglei – believed to be the aggressor] summoned.

The governors include Anthony Emmanuel Adil (Central Equatoria), Louise Lobong (Eastern Equatoria) and Denay Jock Chagor (Jonglei).

Twic County MP Makuach Mayom Deng called for a lasting solution to the civilian-military conflict.

“Civilians in Twic are living in fear,” he said.

He further claimed the clashes between locals and the army has so far led to the loss of two lives in the area.​