Overwhelmed by Nile water, Jonglei residents appeal for dykes

Overwhelmed by Nile water, Jonglei residents appeal for dykes
State officials and the youth fix the broken dyke in Unity State. {Photo: Courtesy]

Residents in Jonglei State are calling on the government to consider building dykes to shield them from the continuously rising water levels in the Nile.

In an interview with The City Review, Achol Awer, a resident of Malou in Bor, said due to the consistent downpour, water levels have increased and submerged nearby houses.

She said that there are fears that another devastating flood would befall the town, adding that there is a need for the government to put in place modalities to prevent a catastrophe.

“Every day, water continues to increase and submerge houses near the Nile in this area. I am seeing this sign of heavy flooding, and the government needs to help us,” he lamented.  

She appealed to the government to start the construction of a dyke to help rescue the residents from flooding.

Ghak Geng also said that earlier intervention from the government through building a dyke would prevent the residents from drowning.

“Water increases every day and takes over houses, and tomorrow another house and again it increases… The government has to come in,” Ghak said.

He claimed that over 20 houses near the Nile have been submerged by water.

“Bor town port docking site is now submerged by water, and water continues to increase.”

He added that areas of Malou and Acengdiir are overrun by flooding, adding to the need to rebuild dykes that were abandoned.