Over 6,000 candidates nail college slots

Over 6,000 candidates nail college slots
Gabriel Changson Chang, the minister of higher education, science, and technology, spoke at the announcement in Juba. [Alex Bullen, The City Review]

The Ministry of High Education, through the admission committee, has announced 2022 general admission for students who completed exams in 2020–2021.

About 6,962 out of 13, 016 applicants managed to secure admissions at the three public and private universities across the country.

This means only 50.9 per cent of the applicants will make it to the university.

According to Gabriel Changson Chang, the minister of higher education, science, and technology who announced the results, the majority did not make it due to a variety of challenges.

Some of the challenges included insecurity, delays from the ministry of education in announcing the results on time, and financial issues that hampered the release of the exams.

He said the Ministry of Higher Education made a lot of efforts to conduct General Admission on time but faced financial bottlenecks.

“Administrative areas were not covered for reasons mentioned earlier. However, 96 per cent of possible applicants had access to application centers. Despite wider coverage, only 42.2 per cent (13,699) of the candidates applied for 19,978 seats offered by all universities,” Minister Chang stated.

He said only the University of Juba managed to admit a good number of students due to its well-placed location and being in the city, which other public universities did not have.

However, he said those who did not get the chance for nomination are advised to apply for the second admission, which will be coming soon.

The admission are for the Bachelor and Diploma programs and the total seats are 19,978, which has been divided into 14,283 for the Bachelor and 5,695 for the Diploma.

University of Juba, Upper Nile University, Bahr el Ghazal Unity, Dr. John Garang University and other private universities like Catholic Stafford Universities.