Over 500 NBG residents who were displaced by floods yet to receive help

Over 500 NBG residents who were displaced by floods yet to receive help
Governor Tong Akeen Ngor during a visit to the flood-affected areas

The governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, Tong Akeen Ngor has pledged to address the impacts of floods in the state.

The governor urged the national ministry of humanitarian affairs and disaster management to swiftly intervene and help address the plight of those affected by floods.

“The governor assured the people that the state and national governments will be working to address this serious natural disaster which has caused tremendous displacements to the people and called for the National Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management to intervene to assist those who are affected by the floods,” the statement from the office of the governor read.

According to the governor, the floods devastated major sources of livelihood in the state, basically farms, adding that his government would dig canals to drain such water.

He further called for support from International and National NGOs to render their support to the people affected by floods.

Two weeks ago, torrential rains culminated in floods which displaced over 500 households in Aweil East and North Counties.

William Anyuon Kuol, the state minister for information, stated that roads to the two aforementioned counties were inaccessible as a result of floods, adding that the governor had visited the area and, gave humanitarian assistance to the affected families.

 “All state has been affected by the torrential rains but East and North Aweil counties are the most affected. More than 500 houses were destroyed by the flood water and the citizens now live in the open places,” William said.

“We appeal to the national government in particular, the ministry of humanitarian affairs, and the organizations concerned to provide urgent aid such as medicines,” he added.

Anyuon said the governor had directed the state minister for roads and bridges to maintain Majok Yith Thou road, which is a lifesaving road for transporting food from Sudan to the state adding that the impacts of rains might reach October.