Over 400 war victims appeal for food aid in Warrap State

Over 400 war victims appeal for food aid in Warrap State

At least 400 people who were displaced by community conflict in Gogrial West County, Warrap State, are in dire need of food aid, said officials.
According to the chairperson of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), Bona Bol, clashes between two communities in Warrap State led to the burning of most grain stares in Monyjang, Gogrial West County, exposing the community members to famine.

“Now they have nothing to feed on,” Bona lamented.

He said there are fears that people may die of hunger as most of the families displaced into the bushes stayed for more than three days without food.

“My appeal to our organizations is to support these people displaced and give them support,” he said.

According to the RRC coordinator, two people were wounded and 18 households burnt down. The clashes displaced 400 people as well.

He added that the communal confrontation triggered by a dispute over land ownership led to massive destruction in the area.

But, Bona said that residents of the cattle camp agreed to de-escalate violence and opt for dialogue to address the issue.

In South Sudan’s Warrap State, two-thirds of the area’s population is facing acute levels of food insecurity, reports a 2022 food insecurity warning system.