Over 1000 students sit for SSCSE exams  in Jonglei State

Over 1000 students sit for SSCSE exams  in Jonglei State
Senior Four candidates in the examination room at Juba High Secondary School in Jonglei State after the state acting governor ran the bell. [Chol Riak, The City Review]

At least 1,398 candidates started their exams for the South Sudan Certificate of Secondary Education (SSCSE) in Jonglei State on Monday.

Among the candidates are 256 girls who are sitting for the exams in 19 secondary schools across the state.

Speaking at the bell ringing for the official start of the exams at Juba High Secondary School in Bor, Gordon Koang, the acting governor of Jonglei State encouraged the candidates not to panic.

Koang urged the candidate to keep the name of Jonglei State high by leading the country in the SSCSE exams.

“Examinations are very easy, they are easier than the exams you sat for in your first and second year exams because the first and second year exams are set at school level, which means they are the header,” said Koang.

“If you find the first examination paper easy, then you should not go and sleep; keep on revising your books, and you all will make Jonglei State proud in a few months to come,” Koang added.

Also, he urged the candidates not to be scared by the presence of security personnel at the examination centre.

Jonglei State Minister of General Education, Deng Ajak, said more is yet to come in the future and encouraged the students to work hard to reach the university.  

“If you work well here, you will be in the university next year, and if you don’t work, you will fail and end up repeating the same class.”

“Some of you might have the mindset that I am going to cheat so that I will get better marks, it is not going to help at all,” said Deng.

Ajoh Martha, a candidate at Juba High Secondary School, said she was pleased to have sat for her senior four examination in her country.

“I felt happy that I am sitting for this national examination in my country and hopefully going to pass the exams. I am urging my colleagues to work hard so that we keep the name of Jonglei State,” said Ajoh.