Over 100 kids participate in Mini Basketball Camp

Over 100 kids participate in Mini Basketball Camp
Children line for a photo shoot after taking part in a one-week “Mini Basketball Camp” at Deng Academy in Juba.[Photo courtesy of the Academy’s media staff].

At least 182 children have learned the fundamentals of basketball at the one-week “Mini Basketball Camp” at Deng Academy.

The one-week children’s training camp is meant to teach the youngsters and help them enhance their basketball skills and establish a better future in the sport.

One of the coaches at the “Mini Basketball Camp,” Tony Opira Salvatore, said the one-week kids’ training has had a big impact on the younger generation’s perceptions of what basketball would mean to them in the future.

“As a coach, I believe they had fun with each other, including the coaches, but most importantly, it has set up their observations to see basketball as something that can establish them in the future,” Salvatore said.

The camp was conducted at Deng Academy at the University of Juba.

According to Salvatore, the camp was training conducted by Deng Academy for young kids between the ages of four and 15. They will have their regular weekly training on Tuesday, Thursday evening, and Saturday morning.

John Oliha, the registrar for Deng Academy, who also spoke during the closing session of one week, said despite having 182 kids at the academy, parents were still bringing their kids for registration.

Mr. Oliha continued that mini basketball training would continue with the usual timetable.

He added that the Luol Deng Foundation had planned that the camp would be conducted yearly so that every player at the  gets an equal right to participate in the program, much like the introduction of the “HER Time Development League”.

One of the parents, Morobe Justin, said the training was highly promising and that his 10-year-old son had shown remarkable prospects since joining the academy last month.

“I am satisfied with the academy. My son is constantly busy and eager to do something when he gets home, and he exhibits positive conduct. I believe the academy will greatly assist in instilling a positive attitude in these children,” Justin said.

He stressed that it would help kids hold the value of basketball by bringing smiles to their faces and assist parents in developing their children for a better future.