Onyoti calls for prosecution of Upper Nile violence instigators

Onyoti calls for prosecution of Upper Nile violence instigators

The Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries, Onyoti Adigo, appealed for the prosecution of the perpetrators of inter-communal violence in Upper Nile State earlier this month.

Adigo noted in a press conference on Thursday that the violence was unnecessary and disruptive to the communities that were just healing from the previous episodes of clashes.

“We condemn it in the strongest terms possible. Whoever has done that needs to be brought to book. We are calling upon the government of Upper Nile to trace out the ringleaders. Those people who did these things should be arrested and taken to court,” he said.

“If there are people behind them, also the law will take the course, so we are appealing to the people of Upper Nile to be calm.”

Adigo emphasised that there is a need for reconciliation to consolidate the peace that was restored through the efforts of the local leaders and the United Nations.

“Last time, we worked hard to bring peace to Upper Nile State, but unfortunately, there are problems that have come up now, which is why we say we don’t want such things to happen,” he said, as he called on South Sudanese to embrace peace and unity in the country.

“We need peaceful coexistence among all our people so that things that are happening now can be led forward.”

Meanwhile, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) noted on Thursday that it would continue with the bid to ensure peace returns in Malakal.

According to a statement obtained from the UNMISS website, UN Secretary-General and Head of UNMISS, Nicholas Haysom,  stated that UNMISS continues to support efforts to protect civilians and maintain calm through intensive patrols and engagement with affected communities.

“The Mission commends the swift and ongoing responses by state authorities and government security forces to reduce tensions and keep communities safe,” Haysom said 

Haysom lauded the national and state governments for their collaboration in de-escalating the tensions.

“We appreciate the coordination and close partnerships with national, state, and local authorities, which played an important role in ensuring that further escalations in violence do not take place and that people can resume their daily activities safely,” Haysom said.

The inter-communal conflict broke out two weeks ago, during which more than 100 people died and others were wounded in Upper Nile State.