One person killed, two others wounded in Jonglei ambush

One person killed, two others wounded in Jonglei ambush

At least one person was reportedly killed and two others severely wounded in Akobo-Gambella border on Friday.

Speaking to The City Review, Elizabeth Nyadak, the Information Minister of Jonglei State, said a group of football players went to Tiergol stream at 1 p.m. to take a bath after their match, only to be ambushed by gunmen. She said one person was killed and two others were injured.

“The incident happened today [Friday] at 1 p.m. where a team of football players who went to Tiergol River to take a bath after they finished playing were ambushed by an unidentified armed group.” Nyadak.

She added, “Immediately after the armed men realised that the players had removed their clothes, they started firing at them. They killed one person and wounded two players.”

Nyadak alleged that the armed group might be from the Anyuak community, adding that criminals tend to attack passengers going to Gambella or those coming to Akobo.

“Those who attacked the footballers are not far from the Anyuak armed youth. They have been the ones attacking people coming from Gambella going to Akobo or people going to Gambella to Akobo,” she stated.

She further noted that such incidents are hardly reached on time because of the distance between Gambella and Akobo.