One person killed, two injured after Misseriya militia attack Abyei again

One person killed, two injured after Misseriya militia attack Abyei again

Abyei Administrative Area has accused Misseriya militias of staging a fresh attack in the area, leading to the death of one person and the wounding of two others.

Several houses were also burnt and property looted, the authorities added.

The Spokesperson of Abyei Administrative Area, Ajak Deng Miyan, on Wednesday released a statement calling for swift action from UNISFA to protect the civilians with respect to its mandate.

“Misseriya militias launched an attack on Dokura village in the northern part of Abyei Town. One elderly man was killed and two people, one elderly man and one woman, were injured. The Misseriya militia attackers also burnt seven huts and looted properties of unknown values, “he said.

He added, “The Abyei Area Administration condemns this barbaric attack in the strongest terms possible and calls upon UNISFA, to live up to its mandate and render effective protection to the civilians.”

Prior killings

On January 1, 2022, at least five civilians were killed, and one person injured by suspected attackers from the Ajaira Misseriya militia in Miodol village, Rumamer County, Abyei Administrative Area. One of the attackers was killed in the incident.

Abyei Administrative Area the Chief Administrator, Kuol Deim Kuol,  said the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) had managed to capture 11 attackers.

He called for the suspected attackers arrested to be tried in the Abyei Court.

 “We appeal to UNISFA to hand over the arrested 11 criminals to face justice in Abyei Area Court because once they are handed over to Sudanese authorities, they will be released without taking them to court.”

Abyei status

Abyei Administrative Area has been facing insecurity instigated by the members of the Misseriya community in Sudan. The status of Abyei was supposed to be decided in a referendum so that the people could choose whether to be in Sudan or South Sudan.

Should they decide to be in South Sudan, the oil-rich area will extend the map of South Sudan towards Sudan. A contrary decision would hand over the region to the Khartoum administration.

In 2013, the people of Abyei held a community-based referendum and voted 99.9 per cent to separate from Sudan and be part of South Sudan. However, the Misseriya tribe of Sudan protested the vote, saying it was illegal and unacceptable.

Sudan and the international community refused to recognise the vote as well.

Since then, there have been continued attacks in the area. Several innocent people have died, including the paramount chief, Deng Kuol Deng in May 2013.