One killed in aborted cattle raid

One killed in aborted cattle raid
Nyirol County Commissioner James Bol Makuei when he addressed the media in in his office. [Photo: Courtesy]

One person died in an aborted cattle raid in Nyirol County, in Jonglei State.

Speaking to The City review, area Commissioner James Bol Makuei said the local youth foiled the attempted raid by the attackers.

He added that raiders attacked Watt Payam, Nyakeka village on Wednesday night.

“One person died, another wounded while a third one was captured by youth,” said the Commissioner.

The official said that some villagers have fled to neighbouring villages due to fear of retaliatory attacks.

Bol warned that the latest raid is likely to disrupt the cultivation season in the area, appealing to the humanitarian organization to support the displaced people.

“My message for the community in the two sisterly states is to live in peace and accept each other as sisters and brothers and avoid these harmful cultures,” Minister of Information in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area.

He appealed to the national government to deploy a unified force in the border areas between Jonglei and Pibor.

Last month, one person died in an armed attack in Thol Payam of Nyirol County with over 1000 cattle stolen.