One dies of Cholera in Malakal, 179 infected

One dies of Cholera in Malakal, 179 infected
The government has issued a cholera alert to avert the possible outbreak in the country. [Photo: Courtesy]

At least one person died while 179 others got infected after cholera outbreak struck Malakal, said Upper Nile State minister of health, Byinj Apuktong.

In an interview with The City Review, Apuktong said the cases were confirmed in the PoCs and in the Malakal town and they were 70 and 109 respectively.

He said there was a serious outbreak of diarrhea on February 22, in the PoCs camp but they never thought it was cholera outbreak until a sample was taken to Juba for a laboratory test.

“The situation of cholera is alarming in the state, we are trying to create awareness to the communities on the danger of the disease,” said Apuktong.

On Tuesday, the national minister of health declared cholera outbreak in the Upper Nile State and called for an immediate response from the Public Health Emergency Operations Center.

He said the World Health Organization (WHO) has provided more than 5,000 medical supplies for Cholera and 59 vaccination doses to contain the outbreak.

 “Keep the environment clean and report any related signs and symptoms of Cholera to the concern authorities, especially those Payam who does experience any confirmed case of Cholera,” he said.

He called on the chiefs and the commissioners in the counties of Upper Nile to start awareness campaigns in the payams

However, Yoannes Kimo the Deputy Chairperson in Upper Nile Pocs said, the situation in Pocs is bad due to the overcrowding of people.

Kimo said the government is planning to reduce the number of people inside the PoCs in order to control the spread of the disease. 

“Since last month People are panicking as cholera is alarming in the state, we need a reduction in the PoCs,” he said.

Cholera numbers and intervention measures

  • 1 death registered
  • 70 cases noted in Malakal PoC
  • 109 cases registered in Malakal town
  • Over 5,000 medical supplies provided by WHO
  • There are 59 vaccination doses to contain the outbreak.