Olwony’s forces accused of looting humanitarian aid

Olwony’s forces accused of looting humanitarian aid
The Chairman and C-IN-C of Kit Gwang Splinter group, Simon Gatwech Dual (left) and his deputy Johnson Olony Thubo. [Photo: courtesy]

Forces loyal to Gen Johnson Olony have been accused of looting food meant for humanitarian aid in Jonglei State.

Fangak County Commissioner Beutrous Bil Beutrous said the incident happened on August 19 when an alleged raid by Agulek forces that left close to a dozen people dead, occurred in the county.

“They killed 10 people, including two children; five women, one man and two military men,” Commissioner Bil told City Review.

“They have burned over 350 houses including shops. All the administrative area has been burnt down. The offices of the local government including the residential area of the County Commissioner were all raised to ashes by the Agulek forces,” added Bil.

The commissioner added the rebels group also looted a local hospital and took stock of drugs with them.

“They looted the town. Almost all the NGOs compounds have been looted by Agulek forces. They also took the water pump machines which were brought by WFP (World Food Programme),”

The water pump was to be used to pump rainwater from the dykes.

The commissioner added that there is a dire need for humanitarian aid, following the mass displacement of people fleeing from the conflict.

According to authorities, there are over 600 Internal Displaced Persons from Tunger currently residing on the outskirts of Fangak County and who need immediate aid.

“The situation of these IDPs is so bad. They are residing in 18 places including old Fangak town without food, shelter, clean drinking water and medical services so the situation is very difficult for them in the area” Bil added.

The locals were left without food after the forces allegedly charted away the food meant for humanitarian aid. “They looted warehouses that house humanitarian aid,” claimed the commissioner.

Commissioner Bil also claimed that the same forces launched the attack in Dil Payam of Pigi County where they displaced over 14,900 individuals and burned down over 200 houses.  

“They took some drugs and destroyed the only health facility that exists in Dil Payam of Pigi County. They also displaced over 14,900 individuals so the same humanitarian situation in Fangak is the same being faced by the residents in Dil Payam” Bil Added.

Bil said the security situation is calm and called on the state government and the humanitarian agencies to rescue the displaced.