Odwar takes oath as EES speaker, pledges to deliver

Odwar takes oath as EES speaker, pledges to deliver

Charles Odwar took oath of office as the Speaker of the Eastern Equatoria State Transitional Legislative Assembly after his recent appointment to the position.

Odwar replaced Severino Maira Janus after President Salva Kiir made the changes in a Republican Order recently.

Speaking during the swearing in ceremony in Torit on Monday, Odwar expressed gratitude over the new assignment, saying he would try to live to the expectations under the new role.

 “This appointment is not mine alone but a reflection of the faith placed in my capacity to lead the August House for the second time by my party the SPLM under the leadership of H.E Gen.Salva Kirr Mayardit, the president of the Republic of South Sudan, H.E The governor of Eastern Equatoria state Lt-Gen Louis Lobong Lojore and the SPLM state secretariat, for that I express my sincere gratitude,” he said.

He pledged to uphold the principal of open dialogue and inclusivity in the parliament and making sure that every member in the House has an opportunity to contribute meaningfully in the legislative process.

 “This assembly is a platform for diverse voices to be heard, representing the rich tapestry of our communities. My commitment is to ensure that every member has the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the legislative process under my leadership,” he promised.

In addition, the governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Louis Lobong, urged the speaker to work within the confines of the House standing orders.   

 “You are coming at the difficult time when people have a number of months without salaries, including you, you know it, when the country is facing economic challenges, ours is to do what we can within our powers,” he appealed.

Lobong called on the Parliament to collaborate with the executive to help mobilise the local resources that will help meet demand of the state populations.

“I would like the parliament to work with executive on how we can mobilise resources locally for the services of the people of this state to meet salary of our people and also to do other basic services that we can do.”

This is the second time Charles Odwar is serving as the speaker in the parliament after he previously served as the speaker in the defunct Torit State Assembly.