Nunu calls for cooperation between MPs and security officers

Nunu calls for cooperation between MPs and security officers
Speaker of the R-TNLA, Jemma Nunu Kumba. Picture taken on August 3, 2021. [Photo: Kitab Unango/The City Review]

The Speaker of the reconstituted Transitional National Legislature, Jemma Nunu Kumba, has called for cooperation between the parliament’s security organ and the legislators in order to avoid alleged cases of harassment targeting some members.

Nunu made the plea on Thursday after the assembly passed the national budget for 2021–2022. She addressed the house in the presence of some national ministers, including the Minister of Finance and Planning, Agak Achuil.

She urged MPs to cooperate with the security, particularly those who are driving cars with tinted windows for security reasons, to help the security personnel identify the people who access the facility.

“There was already a circular last time about the issue of tinted cars that people should not tint cars, but there are cars imported that way that you cannot remove. They are tinted, so we just need a little cooperation with the security personnel to avoid the kind of harassment we had from members of the parliament here, “Nunu urged.

“But our security also needs to be very polite and talk to people in a kind manner, not always an argumentative manner, and so on. So we need a bit of cooperation between the security personnel and the honourable members of parliament, “she further pleaded.

However, the clerk of the Council States announced to MPs who have tinted cars that a circular from the security at TNLA informing them to lower their windows as they enter the parliament was for their own security, pointing out that there are other vehicles which have no government number plates and they enter without the knowledge of the security personnel.

“So they feel like there is a danger. They will not know who is an MP and who is not an MP. So they are kindly asking you if you have a tinted car, “you just lower the window.”