NRA boss warns tax collectors against malpractices

NRA boss warns tax collectors against malpractices
Patrick Mugoya, the NRA’s Commissioner General, speaks during the opening of the tax collection centres in Juba. [Alex Bullen, The City Review]

The National Authority Commissioner (NRA), Patrick Mugoya, has warned his officials against misconduct when collecting taxes.

Mugoya said that as long as the citizens are willing to pay their taxes, they must not be subjected to trickery.

“Yes, there are cases of malpractices among our officials who are either colluding with the taxpayers [in contravention of] South Sudan’s NRA Act. We need to stop that and do the right thing. “

He said the tax collector was hopeful of curing this problem by opening the centres in the city to enable the members of the public to help fight cases of such malpractices.

“All the keys to the suggestion boxes are going to be in my office,” he said.

He was speaking during the launch of two NRA centres, in Juba, on Wednesday.

He said he believes this will make it easier and more affordable for taxpayers to obtain all essential tax administration services close to home.

According to the NRA boss, his admiration is going to offer guidance to taxpayers and other members of the public on how to report tax evasion or other malpractices to the top management.

He also called on the public to be aware of the illegal tax collector. To this, Mugoya said that only individuals with NRA credentials are authorized to collect taxes.

“We would be happy receiving positive and negative feedback from taxpayers and other stakeholders because by attending to inquiries regarding tax matters, we will be able to address and reduce the issues of common malpractices,” he stressed.

He said the NRA is doing all it can to ensure that they get facilitated to comply with their tax obligations.