No restriction of political space in Ezo County, says commissioner

No restriction of political space in Ezo County, says commissioner

The County Commissioner of Ezo County, Col. Abel Sudani, who is also the SPLM county chairperson, trashed the allegations that there is no political space in the county.

Col. Sudani told The City Review in an exclusive interview that there are some politicians who are complaining about the “mythical lack of political space” in the state instead of tabling their agenda for the community and marketing their parties.

“Stop complaining on social media, conduct registration for your parties like the secretariat of SPLM is doing across the state and country,” he told the critics.

He added, “Ezo County is 100 per cent free for any signatory to the peace agreement to come and establish their offices”.

He added that they were yet to receive any reports of the opposition parties establishing their offices despite the political tolerance.

He said the SPLM had mobilised six payams and 28 Bomas, where people have voluntarily accepted to go to Juba for the endorsement of President Salva Kiir as SPLM flagbearer in the upcoming general election.

The commissioner also added that the county’s security situation especially on the border areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central Africa Republic were fine.

He said the county had produced enough food to cater for the nutritional needs of the IDPs.

“We have produced enough food now and our aim is to supply other states but due to the poor road network it is very difficult for us to achieve that goal,” he added.

“We have 25,000 seedlings of coffee which we are going to plant next year and our aim is to invest in all types of agriculture in our county because we want to be self-dependent”.