Ngor puts cattle raiders on notice

Ngor puts cattle raiders on notice
A picture showing some of the cattle in a South Sudanese Kraal. [Photo: courtesy]

The Governor of Northern Bahr El-Ghazal State, Tong Akeen Ngor, warned Aweil East County residents of dire consequences if found guilty of cattle theft.

The governor said those who were found in possession of stolen cows would be shot.

“If we find you with another person’s cow, you will be shot,” Ngor said while addressing a gathering during the inauguration of the office of SPLM Youth League in Aweil East County.

The Executive Director in the office of the governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, Bona Biar, later recanted the statement, saying Ngor meant that those who would be found in possession of cows belonging to other people would be apprehended.

“He was trying to frighten them, but it is not an enacted law,” he said.

He noted that cattle raids, earlier rampant between Aweil South and Warrap State, surfaced in Aweil East County this year.

Biar said more than 100 cattle had been stolen in Aweil South and Aweil East counties in a span of more than six months.

 “There are accused thieves in these two counties who were apprehended while the others are at large,” he revealed.

Cattle theft has been rampant in various parts of the country, sometimes across neighbouring states.

Last month, at least six people were killed, and three others were wounded in a cattle raid in Twic County, Warrap State.

 Warrap State Minister for Information, Wol Mayom, said five people died on the spot, while another died of excessive bleeding.

“The government condemns the act in the strongest terms possible, and we are urging the people to remain calm,” Wol said, adding the attack was not an isolated case as there have been previous incidences in Gogrial East, Twic North, and Tonj East.

Wol said the Warrap State government had contacted the government of Unity State to disarm the cattle keepers to ensure that they are law-abiding and to shun violence.