NCA sensitizes nation on cybersecurity awareness

NCA sensitizes nation on cybersecurity awareness
Inside the University of Juba’s Samani Hall where the Cybersecurity Awareness Workshop was conducted (photo credit: Moira Ayo)

The National Communication Authority (NCA) in partnership with SafetyComm South Sudan has wrapped up a cybersecurity awareness workshop at the University of Juba’s Samani Hall.

Attended by academics, students, cybersecurity experts, internet enthusiasts, and NCA Chairman and the University of Juba Vice-Chancellor, Professor John Akec, the event came less than a month after the world commemorated Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October.

Used interchangeably with Internet Security, Cybersecurity refers to the depth of knowledge an end-user has about threats their network face, the risks they are confronted with, and implementing best threat detection and mitigation practices.

In South Sudan, however, awareness of cybersecurity remained wanting despite the increasing number of people connecting to the internet according to the NCA Director General Napoleon Adok Gai.

Despite cybersecurity awareness being a global campaign, Mr Adok underscored that cybersecurity is borderless saying: “What we do in Juba can affect someone beyond South Sudan and vice versa”.

It is, according to Mr Adok, the responsibility of every citizen connected to the internet to observe cyber hygiene by implementing basic security principles such as creating strong passwords, and personal data protection.

“You may say making my personal information public is not a big deal but personal data is treated as a resource,” he said.

Adok’s statement is synonymous with the Cambridge Analytica scandal in which user information from 50 million Facebook profiles was harvested in a major data breach that tarnished Facebook’s reputation.

The NCA Director-General said cybersecurity awareness has never been more important than it is at the contemporary moment.

“Cybersecurity awareness is more important now than ever before. We are working with telecom companies to create a better network infrastructure to deliver affordable internet access. This means more people will get online and these people need cyber protection,” he said.

South Sudan has 2.23 million internet users and the number has been on a steady increase since 2018. Majority of young people in the as a preferred social media platform despite the lack of trust it has built as far as data security and safety is concerned.

Cybercriminals robbed the world of $6 trillion in 2021. The amount of losses is projected to increase to $10 trillion annually by 2025 according to Cybercrime Magazine.