NBGS legislators take leave to engage in peace mission

NBGS legislators take leave to engage in peace mission
The NBGS Speaker Achol William Amoi and the state governor Tong Akeen Ngor address lawmakers during the closing session in Aweil on Monday. [Photo: Courtesy]

The Northern Bahr el Ghazal State Transitional Legislative Assembly will take a three-month recess to allow the legislators to update constituents on the current status of the peace implementation.

Achol William Amoi, Speaker of the NBGS Transitional Legislative Assembly, said during the final session that the lawmakers had accomplished more during the last few months of the peace implementation process, despite the August House facing several obstacles.

She asserted argued that the House fulfilled its mandate in the three primary legislative functions, including representing the will of the people, passing state legislation, and supervising the administration.

“Today marks the completion of the most challenging session in the history of the assembly in terms of exercising the multiparty assembly with its primary responsibilities and the newly expanded assembly, which required a great deal of attention to the legislative processes,” Amoi said.

She, however, warned that the task had not yet been completed and urged the lawmakers to continue disseminating the peace accord in their various regions during their holidays.

“After serving for five months, you must return to your areas to disseminate the revitalised peace agreement to our civil population in the constituencies, encourage them to double their agricultural effort during this session to produce enough food this year, and advocate for peaceful coexistence and reconciliation in our communities,’’ she noted.

The speaker added that there is a need to monitor the subsidized sale of sorghum to ensure it reaches the most vulnerable groups. Amoi said challenges such as lack of electricity had affected the sitting in parliament. 

She said lack of proper mobility has also been a challenge as one vehicle is being used by both the deputy and the speaker.

According to the speaker, the house had made tangible laws in 27 resolutions in the first session.

She further noted that several important bills were adopted and passed during the first session of 2022.

NBGS policy statement for 2022, state assembly conduct of business amendment for 2022, state assembly members’ privileges and emoluments bill for 2022, and other bills were among those included. 

The ban on beam or laser lights on motor vehicles and motorcycles as well as the adoption of new land fees at reasonable rates.

Speaker Amoi urged the civil population to cooperate with the parliamentarians for peace.

The governor of NBGS, Tong Akeen Ngor, praised and commended the legislators for the first session’s accomplishments, which included passing state laws and amending a few measures in the state assembly to serve the interests of the citizens.