Nairobi Talks: SSOMA claims some gov’t responses to queries half-baked

Nairobi Talks: SSOMA claims some gov’t responses to queries half-baked

The government of South Sudan and the members of South Sudan Opposition Movement Alliance (SSOMA) differed during the ongoing negotiation after latter expressed disappointment over the response by the former on a number of queries.  

Michael Makuei, the government spokesperson told the media at briefing in Nairobi, Kenya, that the government took to the dialogue table to respond to issues of justice, economic affairs, and governance after the holdout groups had their chance on Saturday.

“We had a presentation and a response to the opposition groups’ queries. The government presented its position after it was given the opportunity to make the presentation today (Monday), as well as a response to the presentations made by the opposition parties and civil society,” Makuei said.

Although Makuei did not elaborate more on the responses, he said they were adequate and were based on the four thematic areas.

“Tomorrow, we are requested to come up with a position on what we are offering in terms of the issues that have been raised by the opposition in terms of all aspects of the agreement,” he added.

According to Makuei, both the government and the opposition groups should position their papers before the mediators for comparison and agree on a solution.

Meanwhile, the leader of Real SPLM Group, Pagan Amum, who expressed his disappointment in the talks, stated that although the Juba administration gave responses to their queries, not all were satisfactory.

“We are actually disappointed; our disappointment does not mean that we are disappointed in the process because this is just the initial.  I would say [it in terms of] categorization of issues and positions, expression of position,” he said.

“After we categorize problem areas facing South Sudan and areas that will require dialogue among the South Sudanese stakeholders, including the government, the opposition parties, civil society, and other stakeholders,” he added.

According to Amum, the talks were revolved around the issues of governance and reforms of the state, constitution, and peace, particularly on the transitional justice and accountability, reconciliation, and national healing.

“After this discussion that happened today with responses and presentations from both sides, we will now be thinking about how to address those issues and how the mediation will provide an architecture for us to really achieve a breakthrough and achieve peace in the country,” he said.

The Nairobi peace talks commenced on Thursday last week with remarks from the government and the holdout groups.

On Saturday, there was a plenary session and presentation of positions by the South Sudan People’s Movement/Army of Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang, the Real-SPLM group of Pagan Amum, and a wing of the National Salvation Front of General Thomas Cirilo.