MPs turn heat on parliament over pending motions

MPs turn heat on parliament over pending motions
Chaos, laughter and confusion rocked Parliament when a committee was told that some pages on a critical bill ‘disappeared’.

Parliamentarians have questioned why it takes the National Assembly so long to act on issues raised on the floor of the House.  

In Monday’s ordinary session, the lawmakers expressed their concern that motions presented on the security incidents in Kajo-Keji County, Central Equatoria State, and Eastern Equatoria State, respectively, had not been attended to by the committees of the August House. 

According to a lawmaker representing Kajo-Keji County, Mary Puru Michael, the mother of the three young boys who were killed committed suicide as a result of the parliament’s failure to act quickly enough to ensure that justice is served to the victims of the incident.

Following the killing of the three in Kiri Boma, Puru presented a motion on behalf of the Kajo-Keji parliamentary caucus to the transitional national legislative assembly on May 24. This led to the formation of a five-person committee by the August House to investigate the incident. 

The members of the committee were chosen from the specialised committees of legislation and justice, defence, national security and order, peace, and gender.

The lawmaker now urges the committee to take their duties seriously after the assembly’s speaker said they were the only ones with the authority to follow the case.

Puru said failure to address the issues promptly was frustrating to the Members of Parliament who raised the motion. She blamed the death of the mother and two of the three killed boys on the failure of parliament to act on the matter. 

 “It is frustrating to the community because the community may be thinking we are not doing enough to what has happened.”

“There are also key recommendations that they can follow but without the committee going out on the ground, it becomes difficult for us to follow those recommendations,” she said. 

She said they would check with the committee to see how far along they were in investigating the death of the young men who were killed. 

“We are not going to leave it like that, even if it is late.” We know the mother had already gone. She has already taken her life, but we still want to know the findings so that the community should also know what happened. “

“It should have been out by now, and it is now up to the house to decide what should be done about what happened with the killing.” They shouldn’t relax because any delay now will be on their neck. “

Assurance given

The RTNLA Speaker, Jemma Nunu Kumba, revealed at a joint session of the two houses yesterday that the two parliamentary committees were following up on the incidents raised in the motions raised by the lawmakers. 

However, Nunu claimed that the committees had not given her a proposed budget for their travel expenses to the scenes of the incidents to gather information.

Nunu stated that the committee chairpersons must carry out their duties and make a presentation to the assembly administration so that the administration can look for funding to enable the committee to carry out its work and report back to the assembly.

“It is the responsibility of the committee, and the committee is there to come and report to me what the problem is later after the sitting because you know yourselves”.