MPs hold public debate on national social insurance fund Bill 2023

MPs hold public debate on national social insurance fund Bill 2023

The standing specialised committees in the national parliament on Friday held a public hearing on the National Social Insurance Fund Bill 2023.

The bill will protect the rights of workers in the private sector and organizations in South Sudan.

Addressing the gathering on Friday, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labour, Mary Hillary, highlighted the importance of the social insurance bill, saying it will unlock the gains that workers have missed when it comes to social protection.

“As the Ministry of Labour, we have a lot of issues with the staff from the private sector and organizations, especially with the staff that are terminated and have no pension, so this bill will address all these issues,” Mary said.

She added that the members need to register with the national social fund in the country.

“Once this money is collected from the workers, it will support the workers at least to have a little money as a pension after the termination of the contract,” Mary said.

Mary called for the urgent passing of the bill in parliament to establish the national social fund for the workers to start contributing their share to the office, adding there is a need for the law to be in place to guide the people.

Meanwhile, the acting chairperson of the committee of labour in the national parliament, Angeline Samuel, called on the members of the parliament and civil society to sensitise the people about the existing laws so that they are not exploited.

“We have laws in this country but we do not disseminate them. We normally receive complaints from the workers because they never come across the law that will protect their rights. The parliament has done its parts, and now it is time for the Ministry of Labour to follow up on the implementation of the bill,” Angeline said.

The representative of the South Sudan Worker Trader Union Federation, Pasquale Michael, lamented the continued misuse of laws in the country, especially in the workplace.

“Our aim here is that in the room where we are, there is light, the hyena is to be identified, and our goat will be in a safe environment.”

“We mean that our laws which are drafted should be implemented so that tomorrow no one will blame anyone,” Pasquale said.

She said it is a collective responsibility of the citizens and the government to fight the challenges the country faces by making it a better place.