MPs demand update on status of country’s road construction projects

MPs demand update on status of country’s road construction projects

The Transitional National Legislative Assembly is demanding for an update from the Ministry of Roads and Bridges on the status of the ongoing road construction projects in the country.

The lawmakers are demanding an explanation as to why some roads have taken more than seven years without any progress.

Dusman Joyce, who represents Lainya County in the national parliament, why it has taken longer for a road connecting Juba County with Kaya County to be completed adding it is in a pathetic state.

“What is the real issue, is it the money issue, the Juba-Kaya is in bad shape; it has not been constructed for five to seven years,” Joyce claimed.

According to her, the contractor who started the work on the road was not paid and this led to the suspension of the construction.

Zakaria Makuer, who represents Lakes State, also demanded that the minister, Simon Mijok, provides a detailed report on the infrastructural projects.

“I would like the minister of roads and bridges to give us a report on the progress of all roads in the country,” he said.

Earlier in February, Oyet Nathaniel, the First Deputy Speaker of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA), lamented over the poor state of Magwi County roads which he said had hampered economic activities.

He said roads in Magwi County were in very poor shape, especially the one connecting Magwi County headquarters to the different payams.

Oyet said the communities produce enough food, but the products are not sold in other areas due to poor roads.

Last year, lawmakers from Eastern Equatoria State representing Lafon County, expressed concerns about the area’s poor road network.

According to the lawmakers, the poor condition of the roads has forced people to rely on tractors to travel from Lafon to the state capital, Torit.

The MPs complained that instead of people using tractors for agricultural production to boost the country’s economy, the tractors were being used to transport people, which is a completely unacceptable situation due to poor roads.