MP: SSOA has failed to govern in Jonglei State

MP: SSOA has failed to govern in Jonglei State

A member of parliament in the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly representing Jonglei State accused SSOA of failing to govern in the state.

According to the power-sharing matrix at the state government level, Jonglei State was allocated to the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) with Denay Chagor being the governor.

But according to Mary Nyanchiek, the state is currently operating with no governor not to mention other missing administrators.

“The deputy governor and the town mayor are not in the field but only the acting governor, and the national government are not hearing our reports,” she said.

She doubted who they should ask to vote during the election when the presence of the governor was not being felt in Jonglei State.

“We are planning to go back and lobby in the state but how can we go yet the governor of the state is not around.

“The party of SSOA has failed in governing the state, so why are we still keeping the failed governor in the position?” Mary asked.
Nyanchiek wants governor Chagor to appear in the parliament alongside his Western Equatoria State counterpart, Alfred Futuyo to be grilled.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the Parliament Jemma Nunu Kumba said the MP cannot just raise a waiver motion and then expect the House to summon the governor.

She urged the lawmaker to write down the motion and present it to the parliament so that the house could summon the governor of Jonglei State.

“You raise your motion, write it down, and we will bring it here. We will call the governor to come and answer the question you are raising,” Nunu said.

However, she said the parliament is ready to address the issues affecting the Jonglei State if the people of Jonglei raise it to the parliament.