MP decries peace deal stagnation at grassroots

MP decries peace deal stagnation at grassroots

The deputy chairperson for legal affairs in the Eastern Equatoria State transitional legislative assembly, Likali Olum, called on the state government to form a council that would help implement bylaws and customary laws at the grassroots.

Likali, who represents Lafon County in the state parliament, said the counties are operating without councils and the payams have no administrators.

Speaking to The City Review on Wednesday, Likali said these gaps have complicated the bid to implement the revitalised peace agreement at the grassroots.

According to the lawmaker, some towns are currently operating with illegal councillors, something he said is not stipulated in the revitalised peace agreement.

 “I have come to know that for us to implement laws, there are a lot of issues arising in the counties due to lack of complete government.”

He stressed a need for the formation of councillors in the counties to evaluate the works of commissioners.

 “Now as we speak, commissioners are doing at their own wishes, the way they want,” he said.  

He further added that the presence of the councilors in the county levels will ease their work for members of parliament in accessing accurate information.