MP appeals for urgent probe into leer attacks

MP appeals for urgent probe into leer attacks
An estimated 700,000 people in South Sudan have been affected by floods, the United Nations High Commission for Refugee (UNHCR) report said.

A lawmaker from Leer County in the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly (RTNLA) has urged the national government to expedite the investigation into the clashes in the area.

Speaking to The City Review during an exclusive interview yesterday, Badit Dak, claimed the perpetrators were delaying the release of the findings to sabotage the committee’s efforts.

“I wonder why the community is still in Juba. “I suspect those culprits who initiated the attack are behind the delay,” Badit said. 

He described the situation in Leer as “frightening” and warned that prolonging the committee’s investigation might result in another tragedy.

Calls for results

Mr. Badit recommended that the national government expedite the committee’s work so that the required information can be gathered on the ground as quickly as possible.

“All of the reports are there, documented and recorded by all NGOs and civil society organisations involved in the area, including ourselves. So why shouldn’t the committee go and bring the evidence after the President makes the order,” said Badit.

It has been more than one week since President Salva Kiir formed a fact-finding committee. He gave them two weeks to investigate the incident and report back, but the committee is still in Juba, according to the lawmaker.

“I am appealing that this one should be made public to know what is behind the delay of the committee’s failure to go to the ground and present the finding.” People are dying because of hunger. There is nothing left, “Badit stated.

“We are fearing that those who make those kinds of attacks and those who are behind the criminal acts are still behind this issue of delay.”

The lawmaker slammed the committee, claiming that it was only made up of two warring parties: the government and the SPLM-IO, which he deemed questionable.

He stated that the committee should have been inclusive to cover representatives from civil society, faith groups, and even local MPs to make the report credible.

“Everybody is blaming one another. One says it is the government and the other says it is IO. So how can you form a committee that is really questionable with the third-party part of the committee that makes the report genuine?” he asked.

He refuted the claims made by the office of Unity State Governor Dr Joseph Monytuil that the individuals accusing the governor and the two commissioners of the killings and displacement in Leer are being influenced by SPLA-IO.

” People died, but did he question why people died? He did not. Then how do you say that? ” Mr. Badit posed.

On Monday, the UN Mission in South Sudan said its human rights division had recorded 64 cases of sexual violence in Leer since the start of the conflict in the area. UNMISS added that two of the survivors had emerged from their hideouts to buy food.

It further reported that 72 people have died and 11 have been injured since the fighting began in February.

Over 40,000 people have been displaced in Leer, with thousands of cattle taken, homes plundered, and NGO buildings burned.