More cholera cases recorded in Bentiu IDP camp

More cholera cases recorded in Bentiu IDP camp

South Sudan and the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Wednesday reported 34 new cases of cholera, which were confirmed in Bentiu Internally Displaced Persons Camp. 

The City Review confirmed this in a report titled “South Sudan Cholera Outbreak,” which covered the Bentiu camp in Unity State. 

It partly read: “Zero new deaths reported, zero cases on admission in Bentiu IDP reported as of June 19, 2022; and that 212 cholera cases, including one death have been reported cumulatively.’’

According to the weekly report, there were 34 positive cases, 15 of which were confirmed at the National Reference Laboratory in Juba. One of them died making the health authorities arrive at a 0.47% fatality rate. 

According to health officials, current transmission is sporadic, but the risk of transmission in at-risk counties is very high due to population movements, the presence of IDPs, persistent flooding, and a lack of access to safe water and sanitation.

“Since the sharp decrease in the number of cases during week 20, the weekly caseload has steadily increased, with 34 cases reported during week 24.”

The South Sudan Cholera Situation Report states that out of the total cases reported, 129 (61 per cent) are females, while males account for 83 (39 per cent).

“Among the female case-patients, 20–49 years is the most affected age group, accounting for 43 (33.3 per cent), followed by 0–4 years with 32 (24. 8 per cent). While among the male case-patients, 0–4 years is the most affected age group with 40(48.2 per cent) followed by 20-49yrs with 14 (16.9 per cent).”

“Overall, 72 (34.0 per cent) of the 212 reported cases involved children aged 0 to 4 years, 177 (83.5 per cent) of the cases are from Bentiu IDP Camp, while 35 (16.5 per cent) are from two communities outside the IDP camps. Sector 5 is the most affected location, accounting for 69 (32.5 per cent) of the reported cases,” the report states. 

The Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization launched an oral cholera vaccination campaign earlier this month as part of a response strategy to avert cholera outbreaks in the designated hot spots.

This comes on the heels of a recent Cholera outbreak in Unity State, which has resulted in over 130 cases and one death.

The majority of the cases reported in Unity State were confirmed inside IDP camps, which are known for overcrowding and poor hygiene.

The national Ministry of Health stated the vaccination drive is part of the government’s surveillance in the face of the outbreak in Unity State.

“The state ministry of health, with support from the national ministry of health, launched oral cholera vaccination in Juba county as part of the country’s cholera prevention and response, as you are aware, cholera cases were identified in Rubkona in April.”

The ministry of health has also identified approximately 20 counties at risk of cholera outbreaks, and the launch of vaccination in Juba county is part of cholera prevention efforts 

In Unity, the outbreak has been linked to poor hygiene, a lack of access to safe drinking water, and inadequate sanitation facilities in overcrowded camps.

Cholera is a severe diarrheal illness caused by a Vibrio cholerae bacterial infection of the intestine.

People can become ill if they consume cholera-contaminated food or water, and the risk is especially high during the rainy season.