Missing mother of musician Silver X found alive

Missing mother of musician Silver X found alive
Silver X’s mother, Lucia Medei in the middle [Courtesy Photo]

The mother of South Sudanese musician Silver X has been found live, three days after she went missing, in Juba. 

Lucia Medei went missing last Saturday, from her son’s residence in Hai Seminari, just one day after she arrived in the capital from Torit.

According to Silver X, born Okuta Ceaser Malish Jeremiah, the mother suffers from amnesia.   

“Because of her advanced age, she lost direction after exiting the compound through a different gate. All these happened while other family members were in the house. I was watching a game with my brother in the other room while my wife and sister were in the kitchen,” the Binia Lotuko hitmaker said.

But on Tuesday, Silver X announced that he has since reunited with her mother who was rescued by a Good Samaritan last Sunday.

“I got a call from my colleague that my mother was in Hai Tijeria.

“I learned a lot from this incident and I promise to be more careful in protecting my mother because she is now aged and that comes with a lot of things to handle,” he said.