Ministry of Education summons 5 school heads

Ministry of Education summons 5 school heads

​The operating licenses of five private secondary schools could be suspended after the government accused the learning institutions of admitting senior 1 students without Primary Level Education (PEL) results.

The Deputy Minister of Public Education and Instruction Martin Tako Moyi said that Diplomatic School, Saint Lawrence Secondary School, Don Bosco Secondary, Elites School and Salam Secondary School violated the education policies.

The five schools are accused of admitting students before the results if the final examination were released in June. This, Tako said, was a clear violation of the laid down procedure.

Tako added that only the ministry has express authority to place students in various schools based on individual performance approval.

“After the results (PEL) were approved, all these results were sent to schools in all the states and special administrations of the country.
“Those schools that violated the rules are all private.”

Tako said that the ministry will take official legal measures to punish these schools.
“We will summon the principals and Heads Masters of these schools to explain the reasons that prompted them to do so.

“We will take action if the court finds that they violated any law. That may include deregistration if found guilty. We may also punish the Heads Masters of these schools according to the laws of the Ministry of Labor,” he added.

The minister said that only those students with valid PEL results should be admitted to Senior 1 even as he appealed to the national government to avail funds for to support high school education.