Ministry notes improvement in released CPE results

Ministry notes improvement in released CPE results

The overall performance at the Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) has improved by 13 per cent, compared to the previous performance of 2019.

This was revealed on Friday, July 2, when the National Examinations Council released the results. 

The results were announced by the Deputy Minister of General Education Martin Toko Moi, who exuded confidence in the results adding that the candidates exceeded the expectations having sat for the tests after the coronavirus outbreak.

“The certificate of primary leaving examination (CPE) results represents a slight increase of 2.0 per cent from 87.9 per cent of 2019,” he said.

64,138 students registered for the examinations, where 62,362 subsequently sat for it. Out of this number 56,111 of them passed.

The total number of male registered students was 35,908 while those who sat for the examinations were 35,853 of which 32,802 passed with a percentage pass of 91.5. 28,230 female students were registered for the CPE and 26,509 sat for the examination.

According to the results, male candidates outperformed their female colleagues with a score of 91.5 per cent compared to 87.9 per cent of female candidates that passed the examinations.

Moi explained that the previous performance by gender shows that both male and female candidates have improved from 89.8 per cent to 91.5 per cent and 84.9 to 87.9 per cent respectively.

“Examinations for the first time did not leak and there were no cases of cheating. Our girls performed better than boys,” Mr. Toko said.