Members of Lakes State Artists Association elect new leaders

Members of Lakes State Artists Association elect new leaders

Lakes State Artist Association members elected Kuch Mayang Kuch as their new chairperson in an election that was conducted on Wednesday.

Three candidates contested for the post, with one person vying as the secretary general of the association.

Three people contested for chairmanship and one person sailed unopposed as the secretary general of the artist association.

Kuch, whose stage name is King Black Shine, will serve the office for two years until 2024.

“I am happy today that this ceremony has ended well, which is what all of us needed. So, I stand by here as a new chairman of the Lakes State Artist Association,” he said.

He promised to cooperate with all the artists in Lakes State and lead the association to the next level.

He said, “We are together to build the Lakes State Artists Association to be the strongest in South Sudan.”

Gai Mathiang, popularly known as D. Pain, had contested for the chairmanship but lost to Kuch. He promised to work with the newly elected leader.

“The election has ended successfully and I would like to thank those who stood with me for today’s event. Those who voted for me and those who did not vote for me, you are all my brothers and my sisters,” he said.

The acting minister of culture youth and sports, Chol Kuotwel Manhom, hailed the artists association over the peaceful election.

He said that election is like a two-faced coin where those who win will be happy and those who lose will be sad. But the most important thing is unity.

“Now the clean outcome of your elections has been achieved but some people outside there will try to retain it with stories,” he said.

“Let them hold back and join the artists association because tomorrow they will have a chance to achieve what they wanted and that’s how politics is.”