Mayor Allah Jabu intensifies push to ‘paint Juba green’

Mayor Allah Jabu intensifies push to ‘paint Juba green’
Deputy Mayor for Physical Infrastructure, Thiik Thiik Mayardit. [Photo: Courtesy]

The Mayor of Juba City Michael Allah-Jabu launched the second phase of tree planting in Juba City with a message of fighting the negative impacts of climate change.

Speaking to the media after planting the trees on Monday, Allah Jabu said the city council had embarked on the tree planting to keep Juba clean and green.

“We have started planting trees in order to eradicate climate change and improve the planting of trees in the city of Juba. We will continue to plant the trees in order for the city to be clean and green,” Allah-Jabu said.

“It is the responsibility of the area chief of Jebel to look into it and protect it from the wrongdoers.”

The Mayor planted 44 trees starting from Jebel Market up to Giada along the roadside. He said the exercise is a collective responsibility of the government and the citizens.

Allah-Jabu said the next tree planting will be in Munuki, Gudele, and the Newsite along the main streets.

Meanwhile, the chief of the block of the Jebel Residential area, David Albino Tombe, said there is a need to nurture the trees so that they can mature as some of the previously planted vegetation and had dried up.

“We need to open our eyes and protect the trees, not only along the roads but at home. So this time we will make sure that we take good care of these trees,” David said.     

“Those ones who are near the side of the road will be blamed if anything happens to the trees which were planted by the City council,” David said.

In attendance was the second runners up of Miss Little Africa Ritah Samantha who implored the citizens and the government to plant trees and reduce pollution of the environment.

“So far I have planted 188 trees in different parts of South Sudan in the past month, we need to exercise the recycling of plastic and plant trees in order to reduce environmental risk,” Ritah said.

Two years ago the Minister of Environment and Forestry Josephine Napwon launched a project of planting 100 million trees in South Sudan.

 The first phase of tree planting launched was last month in Hai Thoura where the Juba City Council authorities planted more than 165 trees. The exercise came in the wake of the commemoration of the World Environmental Day which focused on dealing with the menace of plastic materials.