Mayor Allah-Jabu bans manual revenue collection

Mayor Allah-Jabu bans manual revenue collection
Mayor of Juba City Council, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu at his office. [Photo: Courtesy]

The Juba City Council has issued an order banning manual revenue collection by city tax collectors.

Mayor Michael Allah-Jabu directed all units of Juba City Council, including the headquarters, block councils, and the Department of Environment and Sanitation, to stop the manual collection of revenues using financial form 15 and manual demand notes.

At the same time, the mayor directed the utilization of digitalized revenue collection using the State Digital Revenue System.

The registration of all businesses is to be conducted within a period of two months, beginning from May 8, 2023, to July 8, 2023.

“Whoever intentionally refuses to register his or her business through the digitalized collection system shall be liable for a fine not exceeding one million for the Grade 1 hotel business, SSP 700,000 for the Grade 2 hotel business, and SSP 500,000 for the Grade 3 hotel business.

The order indicated that companies and organizations shall be subjected to fines not exceeding SSP 500,000, whereas lodges shall pay SSP 400,000.

According to the local order, first-class restaurants will be subjected to paying SSP 300,000, SSP 200,000 for second-class restaurants, and SSP 100,000 for third-class restaurants.

There shall be a fine for wholesale businesses not exceeding SSP 100,000, SSP 76, 000 only for retail businesses, and SSP 50,000 for any other category of businesses, but not limited to the above.

The major continued that any taxpayer who pays tax through the manual system form from the date of the local order will be at his or her own expense, and the institution will not recognize the payment.

Allah-Jabu directed the chief executive officer, block directors, and the director of environment and sanitation through their relevant units to ensure that the local order is fully implemented in letter and spirit.