Mayom County retrieves 91 cattle, hands them to owners

Mayom County retrieves 91 cattle, hands them to owners
Pictures showing some of the retrieved cattle when they were being handed over to the owners. Officials from Mayom County and Gogrial East County presided over the event. [Photo: courtesy]

Officials from Mayom County handed over 91 cattle to Gogrial East County of Warrap State.

This came after youth who were suspected to have raided cattle from Gogrial East were traced by the county commissioner, who was determined to arrest them and return the cattle to their owners.

According to the county press unit, Mayom County’ Commissioner John Bol Mayak handed over the cattle but assured that the county authorities would continue searching for criminals behind cattle rustling in the area.

He said the Unity State government would remain committed to ensuring that peace is maintained with the neighbouring states.

He appealed to his counterpart from Gogrial East County to reciprocate the efforts to create peaceful coexistence at the borders between Mayom and Gogrial East counties.

Bol urged the Gorial East County Commissioner to work hard and return cattle that were raided last year by suspected youth from the county, who staged attacks in the areas of Maduol and Riah Payam in Mayom County.

He called on the youth to shun cattle theft, adding that the practice remains a source of insecurity in the country.

He said fighting cattle raids requires an all-inclusive approach for them to end.

Also in March this year, authorities from Mayom County handed over 186 herds of cattle to Twic County and arrested the culprits in an attempt to deter criminals and cattle theft between Warrap and Unity State.

This followed a conference of the Northern Corridor Bloc Conference in Mankien 1 and 2, Kuacjok, and Ajakuac resolutions under the stewardship of Governor Lt. Gen. Joseph Manytuil Wejang.

These resolutions included the return of raided cattle to their rightful owners and the creation of integrated forces to be deployed at the borderlines between the states of the Northern Corridor Bloc.