Mayendit now demands $1.5M, Prado from Madut in defamation case

Mayendit now demands $1.5M, Prado from Madut in defamation case

Businessman Bak Mayendit is seeking about $1.5 million and a Prado Land Cruiser in damages from Peter Madut, an advocate he sued for “defaming him on social media.”

This comes after the Juba High Court heard Mayendit’s response on Tuesday in his lawsuit against the lawyer Madut, following an examination of video evidence.

The businessman Mayendit told the court that Madut was one of his best friends before they fell out over the matter, which brought them to court.

“Yes, I know him; Peter Madut was my best friend,” Mr. Mayendit told the presiding judge, Nyang Wol, when asked whether he knew the accused.

He claimed that between 2013 and 2023, Mr. Madut got over $20,000 from him as unpaid assistance to his best friend, and he never demanded any refund.

“I gave him $10,000 in Juba when he narrated his condition and another one in Uganda when he was sick, and I and my friend contributed over $20,000, and I didn’t ask for a refund,” he claimed.

He also claimed that Mr. Madut received from him the Prado Land Cruiser equivalent of $50,000.

In his social media video, Mr. Madut states that he was angry with the businessman after the latter failed to pay him the money he had borrowed from him.

But Mayendit denied the claims, saying he had paid back every loaned amount that he obtained from Madut. The court is yet to verify this.

Mayendit claimed that he felt awful about himself as a businessman when advocate Madut publicly insulted him on social media, calling him “a thief and crooked person who is taking advantage of people’s money, among other derogatory names.”

“In short, Madut has irreparably damaged my reputation and done me harm. For that what he has done to me, I demand $1.5 million plus Prado, which he took from me for the equivalent of $50,000,” he said.

Advocate Gudi Antipas, one of the defence lawyers for Mr. Madut, termed Mayendit’s demands as normal court procedure.

“This is just normal procedure in court. When you come to court, you are praying to the court to achieve something, and it is exactly what the complainant asked for in damages,” Antipas said.

However, he insisted that his client remains innocent until proven guilty.

“He asked for $1.5 million and a Prado land cruiser, but until now, I will say the accused person is innocent until proven guilty. As I said, anyone coming to court will expect something to be done by the court.”

Madut’s defending lawyers are required to respond to Mayendit’s claims and demands in the next court hearing, which is scheduled for January 25, 2024.

Mayendit filed the case last year, claiming the advocate soiled his reputation on social media.