Match officials enrolled on FIFA refresher course

Match officials enrolled on FIFA refresher course

Over 20 South Sudanese match officials have been enrolled on FIFA’s Elite Referees Course in Juba.

The football governing body plans to use the course to increase the number of referees who will represent South Sudan in the regional FIFA and CAF competitions.

The course, which is based on practical and theoretical sessions, is led by a panel of renowned FIFA experts such as Felix Tangaorma and Pinto Thomas.

Gen. Augustino Maduot, president of the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA), said that the course will equip offcial with modern skills needed for the hob.

He stressed how crucial it is for the participants to take the training seriously because doing so will boost their prospects of officiating matches on a regional and international scale.

“The course is intended to increase the number of referees who will represent South Sudan in regional tournaments for FIFA and CAF, so I am urging participants to work hard in order to compete in the continental championships,” the SSFA president read.

The SSFA president reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to supporting referee skills development and paying attention to the refereeing industry.

To make the most of the opportunity presented to South Sudan, he advised the referees to put in a lot of effort.

Maduot urged local federations to pay attention to the arbitration industry and to provide referees with the necessary equipment to serve as ambassadors for South Sudan abroad.

Felix Tangaorma, FIFA’s refereeing expert, stressed the value of enrolling in such a selective course, saying that only those who did so would have higher chances of officiating games in international games.

“The majority of you here will have a good possibility of getting picked for FIFA and CAF competitions by successfully finishing the courses, thus it is crucial that you participate in this training,” Mr. Tangaorma added.

He also called on the referees to play their role in the management of the federation after the great role played by the federation to advance the refereeing sector.

The Zimbabwean international expert urged the prospective South Sudan referees to put in a lot of effort if they wanted to compete in international tournaments.