Manytuil breaks silence after ‘failed’ impeachment call

Manytuil breaks silence after ‘failed’ impeachment call
Governor of Unity State Lt Gen Dr Joseph Manytuil Wejang [Photo via press unit]

​Unity State Governor Joseph Manytuil has spoken for the first time since an attempt by the Council of States to have him impeached hit a deadlock.

The embattled governor was summoned to Juba to answer key questions, among the run-away insecurity in the state.

The Council later ‘found him unfit to hold office’ before recommending for his removal.

The Council asked President Salva Kiir to exercise his ​​executive powers to fire the governor. But the office of the president last week said that the council overstepped their mandate, adding that they did not follow the right process.

Speaking broke the silence with praise for President Kiir and First Vice President Dr Riek Machar, for spearheading the successful unification of forces and showing political leadership.

“The graduation of unified forces demonstrates the political will and commitment of our leaders to implement the Revitalised Peace Agreement in letter and spirit and the building of a professional army to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country,” said Manytuil In a letter seen by City Review.

He appreciated President Sava Kiir for his efforts in ensuring that the peace agreement becomes inclusive by reaching out to the holdout groups.

“I appreciated the president for his continuous calls for holdout groups to join the peace agreement,” he said.

Manytuil, who was accused by Council of State failure to maintain security in Unity State, has vowed to support peace implementation at the state level, through peace dissemination and dialogue among communities.

On Tuesday, South Sudan graduated more than 20,000 of the first batch of the unified forces with a move for immediate deployment.

In separate speeches during the ceremony, leaders led by president Kiir and Machar, called on the soldiers to maintain high standards of service without compromise.

The president further called on the forces to protect the country’s flag.