Manyang appeals for equal land rights for citizens in Juba

Manyang appeals for equal land rights for citizens in Juba
A picture showing one of the major roads currently being constructed by the Juba City Council. [Kitab Unango, The City Review]

The Senior Presidential Advisor, Kuol Manyang Juk, said all South Sudanese living in Central Equatoria State should be treated equally by the host communities when it comes to obeying land rights.

“They reside in Juba and have built houses. “They may not return to their states,” he said.

He made the remarks during the opening of the Ruweng Community Dialogue on Wednesday.

Kuol was discussing the issue of land grabbing in Juba, where he believes all citizens have the right to acquire land.

According to him, it is always not right to blame citizens from other states for land grabbing in Juba.

Kuol said any citizen who resides in a particular location—whether indigenous or not—becomes part of that community.

He stated the land issues would soon be addressed by the national government.

“For example, the Jonglei authorities will not come to Juba to collect taxes from citizens of Bor, or the citizens of Bor will not go to pay taxes in Bor.

“They will pay taxes to the Central Equatoria State or the state in which they reside. “

Last week, the Mayor of Juba City Council, Michael Allah-Jabu, banned all traditional authority courts operating within Juba City Council.

The order issued by the council prohibited the conduct of any business by such traditional courts in the garden area (MTC), Mangateen, 107, Khor-William and other areas.

 “I do hereby order the immediate closure of operations of the so-called RaJaF ‘B’ Court Bor section as known in Juba”.

Allah-Jabu warned against violation of the order, saying it would amount to legal action, including a penalty to defaulters, ordering such authorities to ship facilities and materials from the areas indicated within seven days of issuing the order.

“Any person, institution, or other perpetrators promoting operations of customary law courts within the environs of Juba City Council shall be apprehended and penalized in accordance with South Sudanese laws,” he said.