Mangala welcomes new healthcare facility targeting over 48,000 people

Mangala welcomes new healthcare facility targeting over 48,000 people

The UNWOMEN handed over the newly renovated primary health care to Mangala Payam.

Addressing the gathering on Wednesday, the Central Equatoria State Minister of Health, Najua Juma, said the new facility will enhance the provision of health services in the area for the host community and IDPs in Mangala.

“This facility will serve more than 48,000 people in Mangala and other places because it is the second biggest facility here after Gumbo, meaning this facility is not enough,” he said.

According to her, each county was supposed to have a hospital to efficiently provide services.

“The qualification for the population that is to be served by PHC is supposed to be 15,000 people, which means Mangala needs a hospital to serve the 48,000 people.”

Meanwhile, the deputy representative of the UN women in South Sudan, Rukaya Mammad, urged the authorities of Mangala to ensure the facility is well-maintained.

“Now that we have the facility, there is a need for the sustainability of the facility.”

Mammad said the government should take the lead in ensuring the sustainability of the health facility.

“Government should take sustainability issues seriously and provide the necessary things needed to make the work of the stuff easy.”

Rukaya stated that UNWOMEN is committed and will continue to support communities across the country.

However, the Payam director of Mangala, Lukudu Mohammad, welcomed the inauguration of the PHC, saying it will improve the lives of the communities.

“We are wondering if the facility were not there, how would the people of Mangala would survive? We need to see a real hospital in Payam here in the future.”

However, Mohammed highlighted the challenges facing the healthcare facility, including malaria drugs.

The executive director of Action for Sustainable Empowerment and Management organisation, William Deng, emphasised the facility’s sustainability issues. The funding for the facility was provided by the Japanese government.