Man who shot dead Nimule chief arrested

Man who shot dead Nimule chief arrested

Police are holding a man suspected of having shot three people dead, including a chief, in Nimule, Magwi County on Monday.

John Ebele Alex, the Anzara chief, died Monday morning in a mid-morning incident that left the area in chaos.

 Armed youth from an adjacent state had reportedly stormed a community meeting before opening fire on attendees.

 Ironically, the meeting was convened by the chief to lay down burial plans for two boys who were found dead in Mugali over the weekend.

 The deceased were allegedly killed in a cattle raid (July 10) in Mugali, which also saw three people captured by the raiders.

 Two were later found dead, while the other is still missing.


 Ebele was chairing the meeting to arrange how the deceased would best be interred when he met his death.

Hours later, he was apprehended by police.

 Police spokesman Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin confirmed that authorities are holding a man believed to be a key suspect in the incident.