Man lynched by mob for allegedly committing adultery

Man lynched by mob for allegedly committing adultery

A 52-year-old man was beaten to death by an angry mob in Hiyala Payam of Torit County for alleged adultery.

Late Martine Obuaha was caught on Sunday in an adultery act with the wife of a man known as Albano Oliwa of the same village, according to the local authorities

In an interview with City Review, the paramount chief of Hiyala Payam in Torit County Galileo Ohide said after interrogation the woman admitted that they committed adultery.

“Then I told that suspect and the husband of the woman to go and solve the problem.”

Ohide said the culprit was charged to pay a dowry to the husband of the woman.

“When the man went to pick the cows from the kraal unfortunately four angry youths from nowhere started attacking him. They took him at home then in the morning reported that he has died,” “Ohide explained

Meanwhile, the commissioner of Torit County Jacob Atari Albano said there are hunting for the perpetrators for taking the laws into their hands.

Atari condemned the act as it violates human rights and called on the perpetrators to report them to the relevant authorities.

“They beat that man all of them and this one has already gone beyond. I am not happy with the incident and telling them not to run because if they keep running they will still come back here,” he said.

However, Atari said the husband of the woman has claimed responsibility for the death of the culprit but has not yet reported himself to the police.

“For sure I talked with the husband of the wife and he said he was the one who killed. The man said he hit him with a strong metal,” Atari said.