Man commits suicide in Iyire Payam after killing wife

Man commits suicide in Iyire Payam after killing wife
A picture showing a snooze of a hanging rope. [Photo: Courtesy]

A 23-year-old man from Torit County allegedly hanged himself after hacking his 45-year-old wife to death.

The incident happened on Monday in Bal Bal village of Iyire Payam.

The man, identified as Oketa James Solomon, had inherited Sabina Dudu following the death of her husband last year to take care of her seven children.

However, the two did not have any biological children during their one year of marriage.

Omoya Faustino Lokubi, the head-chief of Iyire Payam, told The City Review that the children found the lifeless body of their mother placed in the house.

“We learned about it when people were already crying after the woman had died,” he said.

“He hacked the wife on the neck and head. I called the police from Louro who came and conducted an investigation.”

David Benjamin John, a resident in Bal Bal who was also an eyewitness, said the deceased had a misunderstanding with his wife before the incident.

 “The day before the incident, the woman and her husband were drinking alcohol somewhere and when they came home from the drinking place and started quarrelling. However, nobody even knew about it because their home is far from the others,” he said.

“He got the panga and started hacking his woman inside their room. He then ran and put a rope on his neck and hanged himself.”

Vitale Ofire,  Eastern Equatoria State Member of Parliament, representing Iyire Payam condemned the incident calling on communities to put an end to such harmful practices.

 “We are so sorry about the incident, and we don’t want that type of incident to happen again.

‘‘We also ask the community members at the grass root level to reframe from such activity because you cannot beat your wife to the extent of death,” he said.