Man commits suicide after killing wife

Man commits suicide after killing wife
A picture showing a snooze of a hanging rope. [Photo: Courtesy]

A 35-year-old man allegedly committed suicide on Friday after beating his wife to death.

 Ojum Sestilio, a resident of Omono village, Ifwotu Payam, clobbered his wife to death before hanging himself to death.

According to the authorities, the couple quarrelled following a disagreement over an unknown issue.

It is the second time a man has committed suicide in Torit County after killing his wife.

In early last month, a man identified as John Moga of Imurok Payam beat his wife, Achan Ifuho, to death and then later committed suicide.

The Boma Chief of Enyif Boma in Ifwotu Payam, Simon Ikarang, confirmed the incident to The City Review but said he did not know the object the man used to assault his wife.

 “I don’t know whether he had been hit by a stick,” he said.

 “We are very saddened to hear of this unfortunate death in the area. The man is also mentally disturbed whenever he drinks alcohol. That is why he is not stable in mind,’’ Simon said.

The Commissioner of Torit County, Jacob Atari Albano, blamed the incident on the excessive consumption of alcohol.

“If you see the lives of the communities of Ifwotu Payam and Imurok, they are just drinking alcohol without even knowing the effects in the body and even on the communities,” Atari said.

He said he was disappointed by the incidents, adding that it was high time the local government took action against the sale of alcohol.

“The governor issued an order banning the consumption of illicit alcohol in the state.”

Atari vowed to push for a legal order as the area commissioner to restrict the excessive consumption of alcohol.