Man arrested over killing of teenagers in Bor

Man arrested over killing of teenagers in Bor

Police in Jonglei State arrested a man over the killing of two children by a family in Bor Town.

The teenagers, aged 12 and 13, were shot dead on Tuesday after a man randomly opened fire at a residence.

Speaking to The City Review, State Police Commissioner Maj. Gen. Elia Costa described the incident as a revenge killing.

He said the man who killed the teenagers acted after the family allegedly attacked his residence for impregnating their daughter.

Major Gen. Costa said the suspect killed the two children after randomly shooting at the family of the victims.

“The man came to the house of another man and shot randomly at the family, which led to the killing of two boys, and we managed to know the cause of the shooting. The reason is about the marriage issues,” he said.

“There was one lady who got impregnated, and two of the families had disagreements, which led to fighting some days ago.” After that, the gentlemen pick up the gun and start shooting at the girl’s family.”

The police boss said they were still conducting further investigations into the matter.

“The investigations are underway on the matter surrounding the incident so that justice is served,” Major Gen. Costa stated.

“As we know the behaviour of our people, they like taking the law into their hands by revenging. Yesterday,  the families of victims started mobilising themselves for revenge, but the police authorities managed to calm the situation,” he added.