Malual wants to lay strong foundation in South Sudan’s volleyball

Malual wants to lay strong foundation in South Sudan’s volleyball
Adhu Malual, an Italian-South Sudanese volleyball player, is visting Juba to address gaps in volleyball sports. [Photo: Courtesy]

The Italian-born South Sudanese volleyball player, Adhu Malual, has promised to improve the country’s competitiveness in the sport.

Adhu, who is a member of the Italian National Team and is currently on tour in South Sudan, met some of his colleagues with whom she discussed how to resolve some of the sport’s issues.

In her address during a one-day volleyball game arranged by the South Sudan National Olympic Committee to welcome her and give a word of courage to fellow South Sudanese volleyball players, Adhu promised to strengthen the country’s volleyball through collaborations. 

“My goal for South Sudanese volleyball players is to build a connection between Italy and South Sudan. Once I return to Italy, I will try to lobby for those who will work with me and others to see how we can help South Sudan progress in volleyball and other sports. ”

“It is what South Sudanese volleyball needs, especially in terms of additional equipment and good volleyball courts, just as they create football fields. They deserve the right to play in top-notch facilities,”Adhu stressed. 

The 21-year-old said there are countries willing to help developing countries like South Sudan.

“Some people will constantly come out and support them (players) because they want people to be on the same level as them or at least on a higher level,” said an Italian volleyball star. 

Adhu encouraged the players to work hard to realise their dreams of becoming professional players to help the country compete with the best in the world.

Work hard

She said South Sudanese athletes need to make significant sacrifices when participating in sports, noting that school is one of the best things that come with athletics. 

“Surely you cannot claim I want to study more and exercise less, something that not everyone can accomplish because you must put work into both. You have to put effort into whatever you do.

“My ambition is to be the best in both studies and volleyball, and that is something my fellow South Sudanese ladies should pursue as well, even though it appears difficult in places in need of peace.”

Adhu called on the government to encourage sports in the country including football and basketball as the easiest ways to achieve unity.

“This will only happen if the government and the people of this country choose to give peace a chance,’’ she said.

“These girls are excellent players with a strong desire so all they have to do is pursue their passion and put in the effort, which does not preclude them from studying or shouldering some household obligations,” she added.

Adhu’s career

According to the 2021 Spring Volleyball Roster, Adhu was the silver medalist at the 2019 U20 World Championship and gold medalist at the 2018 U19 European Championship after defeating Russia in the final.