Malakal decries poor telecom services

Malakal decries poor telecom services

The government of Upper Nile State has whinning over poor telecommunication services in the area.

The state minister of information, Luke Saadallah Deng, said it has been over a year since the capital and other neighbouring counties started experiencing poor network services.

He said although they had a network connection, the strength was not reliable as it kept roaming all the time.

“There are poor voice calls during a conversation and sometimes you cannot hear each other clearly, although you are calling within Malakal,” he said.

“We are not able to communicate with the authorities in the counties,” he added.

Deng said the network has completely cut off in the eastern counties of the state.

“The population has increased and the existing infrastructure cannot hold up,” he stated.

The area is serviced by two mobile operators and six towers are operating. The rest are broken and MTN has only 4 functional towers.”

Deng said the December 2013 and 2016 conflict led to the damage and looting of some telecommunication equipment in the state.

“These antennae stopped due to the lack of fuel, especially in the remote counties that cars cannot reach because of the heavy rain.”

Deng said they have written to the National Ministry of Information, Telecommunication and Postal Services to ask the telecommunication companies operating in the state to rehabilitate the network.

 “They promised me that they would form a delegation of engineers and technicians, and send them to Malakal to carry out a comprehensive survey of these malfunctions. For a year now, no one has come to us,” he said.

He appealed to Zain and MTN telecommunication companies to send the delegation that they promised to the state.

Deng said the telecommunications companies might be afraid of the recent insecurity in the state but said the situation is calm.

“I assure all the telecommunications companies that the security situation is completely stable now in the state as evidenced by the fact that the government and citizens are moving in all the places comfortably to the Sudanese border and the Ethiopian border as well,” he said.