Makuoth retains Paralympic Committee presidency

Makuoth retains Paralympic Committee presidency
The new elected South Sudan National Paralympic Committee executive members celebrate after the announcement of final results in Juba. [Photo: Courtesy]

Peter Makuoth, the newly re-elected head of the South Sudan National Paralympic Committee (SSNPC), has promised a facelift to the sport.

He was re-elected as the head of SSNPC on Saturday by the South Sudan National Paralympic Committee General Assembly.

“Let us strive to make the Paralympics one of the most popular sports in the country. However, we must work together to achieve our goals at the international and regional levels. It is the only way we will be able to make it, “he remarked.

“We want to make sure that our efforts in our country make a difference.” The country belongs to us, and we must work tirelessly to improve it. “

Makuoth, who has served on the committee for more than five years, garnered 16 out of 23 votes to defeat Peter Baptist, who got six votes.

Upon his victory, Makuoth congratulated everyone who voted for him and pledged to build an environment where everyone is free to participate in decision-making.

“Let us work together as a family to ensure that the committee’s plans are carried out,” he said.

He called for reconciliation to iron out past mistakes so that they can tread a new path to success.

“We are human beings, and we may have had previous conflicts that have caused you harm.” If this is the case, please forgive us and enable us to start a new chapter for our mutual benefit,” he added.

The list of new Paralympic executive members includes President Peter Makuoth and his deputy, Peter Baptist.

The Committee’s Secretary-General, Christopher Hakim, and Simon Dhoul were elected into the treasury.

Mandela Isaac, Musasiji Rose Alfred, and Nelson Marko Madut were elected as members, while Aisha Farajalla was elected as sports representative.