Makuei directs institutions to facilitate access to information

Makuei directs institutions to facilitate access to information
Minister for Information, Communication, Telecommunication and Postal Service Michael Makuei Lueth. [Photo: Courtesy]

The minister of information, technology, and postal service, Michael Makuei, directed government-owned institutions to set up information desks that will assist the public with the necessary information on particular departments.

Makuei argued that despite having the best media laws in the region, the lack of proper implementation of those laws still locks out the country from international recognition.

He stated that it is the responsibility of each government-owned institution to provide the necessary information for public consumption.

“We have witnessed in the country that there is no access to information. People have been harassed and intimidated and a variety of other things are taking place — all of which are addressed by media laws,” he lamented.

He was speaking during the opening of the one-day session with the undersecretaries on the right to information access in South Sudan.

He advised the participants to study the country’s media and access information laws steadily with an understanding in order to implement them accordingly.

Makuei however cautioned that there are two types of information: classified and unclassified information.

Only unclassified material, according to him, needs to be protected from unauthorised publication since it raises security concerns.

However, it is a must of every organization to disseminate data that is required for the public domain.

The one-day training targeted communication officials as well as the undersecretaries of the national ministries.

The workshop was organized by UNESCO to improve the leaders’ knowledge of the information commission’s roles in achieving the right to access information, as well as the international legal framework for that right and the South Sudanese legal framework for unrestricted access to information at the national level.